OAD 6: My desk

My desk is messy. It needn't be, but it is. On it there's two Latin dictionaries, a plate of unfinished korma, two empty plates with crumbs on, two empty drinks cans, my montior, a penknife, a bottle opener, a rack of blank cds, an empty cereal bar box and a nail grooming kit. My mic and ipod lay to one side and the keyboard, monitor and mouse are on it too. There's also a lamp and an alarm clock, two refereshers wrappers, some change, a timetable and some fingerless hobo gloves of mine. Also there happens to be a plastic thermoflask cup that held tomato soup once and as I lost my mousemat I have a copy of Private Eye sellotaped down that works really well. Have a picture!

Yeah, I came back home at 4:00 am and realised I hadn't done my One a Day. I'm a failure already. Waytogo me!

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