OAD 4: Ivor Biggun

Only a short and inappropriate post today. I can't say I had entirely normal tastes as a kid, and I can probably thank my dad for that. Whereas the favourite film of most children my age was a Disney film of some description, mine was instead The Blues Brothers. I believe I can also trace back why I have such a dirty sense of humour as well; one day my dad was bought a vinyl.

If the look of the damn thing didn't give it away then the songs most certainly will. Whilst sadly I haven't been able to find all of my favourite tracks from it, such rude songs bring back happy memories. Giggling with my dad and brother at the rude words I didn't quite understand but nonetheless expanded my vocab with. Later on when I was old enough to drink it was re-found. Suddenly every now and again when friends came round we'd get bored of more normal music and put on this filth and laugh. One friend burnt the music to a CD so we could take it on holiday with us. I am mildly embarrassed to link such songs to you now, but I think everybody should be able to hear the "I'm a winker (misprint)" song. Heck, Johnny Rotten loved the song.

So here it is, plus one other catchy jingle by Ivor that has slightly poor sound quality, but a very profound message about mortality.


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