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First post of the year for this dishevelled blog of mine. In the time since I last posted on here I've been over stateside seeing my gf, doing uni work and trying not to die on icy roads whilst driving.

The thing I'm posting about today though is that I'm now Deputy Editor over at www.gamingdaily.co.uk, a fun little PC gaming website that currently has four of us as regular writers. Our general aim is to do a tad more than regurgitating those same old press releases, rather we want to bring you interesting and unique articles about every aspect of PC gaming. Sometimes about games wankery, other times just simple wankery and cock jokes.

We'd love more writers though, so if you feel you that an article or more a week is the kind of thing you want to grit your teeth on drop me an email. If a regular gig isn't the sort of thing you can commit to, but you're itching to get a post out there then pitch it to me too. If you're a hot, sexy, girl in an area that's always conveniently close to me looking for a good time then don't email, though the offer is appreciated. We're non-profit (as in what income the site does earn goes back into maintenance), so can't pay you for any contributions you do provide yet unfortunately.

I like to think of Gaming Daily as a great place to get in practice and start to understand the industry a bit more, from getting used to a writing schedule to knowing how to bug publishers into getting review code for the latest games. All of us have a mind into getting published in print, and a number of past contributors have actually successfully made that jump. If I've tickled your interest and not crossed any intimacy boundaries in doing so then let me know, my email is right up there in the little linky bit.

Deputy Ed Ed

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