The Other is in the Albert Hall

I don't know either sir, I think he was making a reference to the post now up on Gaming Daily.

Don't worry, the drought is over. Unless you're Austrailian that is. But that wasn't what I was referencing, rather the whole me not having written for a little while. And I know how that is missed.

You want the latest gaming and politcal news? Insightful opinions? Correc?t puntuation adn spmelling/? You've come to the right place. I mean you're sat infront of a computer, go look up a website which offers the above. Here (and now at Gaming Daily) you'll just find irreverent wit, relating to games and sundry.

I've learnt better than to announce plans now, I'm rather ashamed over how poorly disciplined I am in that regard and really do need a schedule. So now I have a regular post over here every Sunday, and I'll be posting here about twice a week.

I'd like to thank Jaz, Jon, Craig and others (not forgetting Mr Francis) for reading what I scribble. It really encourages me to keep trying to write and improve. I know my idiosyncratic stylings can be a little hard to put up with, but trust me; some good may come of them one day.

Or I'll be a bitter and depressed person always thinking he could've done more, taking it out on his loved ones and self before dying miserable. Oh what a cheery note! Nah, I'm more positive than that. To prove so, enjoy this pilfered image -

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