Cat Got your Tounge?

Correct weapon clipping is for pussies.

Where have I been? What have you done this past week Ed? I know no-one is really interested, but I will tell you anyway. Two more posts have gone up on Gaming Daily, so I haven't entirely been idle.

Otherwise I had a hectic week, where I drove all the way down to Bournemouth then onto newquay just to sleep in a car. I do not wish to repeat that experience. Highlights of the trip though involved eating Whale meat, which I thought was illegal but apparently Japan and Iceland can still harvest it. Most surprising was a sneaky visit to Bath on the way back, to meet word-entrepreneur Jaz McDougall and his lovely wife Lisa as he worked for those pleasurable PCG chaps. A nice encounter, which soon got over the awkwardness of meeting someone you know well in one sense but have never met before.

For the future then - I am job hunting at the moment, but I'll be around as much as ever probably. I'll still post here, and every sunday on Gaming Daily too. I plan on re-installing Fallout 3 so I can carry on Radiatwind, but now that I've announced it as a plan it probably won't happen. VTG crap will carry on also, as will any random features that spring to mind.

Wow, this post is shorter than I expected it to be, but then it is just a Wot I Done self pimpage post. There's not alot of me to pimp. My pimp will tell you that much.

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