VTG - Prototype: Part one

The crickets have been absorbed and the tumbleweed burned as I'm back to having lots of time with nothing to do anything in. I was planning on doing a return piece with a themed play through about the Sims 3, but it seems more talented and interesting people have already beat me to the punch. So here's a more boring return piece with a view to Prototype; a game about a dysfunctional hoody stabbing people. With a blade arm. Then absorbing them. Sometimes becoming a woman. And flying. As a woman if he wants.

Basically it's a game promoting S.T.D awareness. Here's what your sex ed teachers meant about that burning sensation.

Prototype is very much onboard with the current trend of sandbox gaming. The story is confusing and cheesy as hell, but told interestingly. How is it told interestingly you ask? Well, outside of cutscenes you munch people. Like so -

Don't ever order your steak extra bloody.

There is a reason for this other than to make the Age Rating Board go "Fuck, do we have a 35+ certificate?" One it mundanely restores health, secondly though it allows you to assume the identity of whoever you stab with your tentacles and absorb into your body (DO NOT ALLOW JAPAN TO MAKE THIS INTO A TV SHOW). You then suffer what amounts to Vietnam flashbacks to fill you in on story elements. But other than turning you into a tweaked veteran it also gives you skills to operate vehicles and weapons, as well as turning you into whoever you just mercilessly picked upon. If they're human, you can become them basically no matter what character they are.

This lead to me doing more weird roleplay than usual whilst playing a game. To illustrate this, I became a woman -

I often used to reflect on how badly rendered I was. Life was hard. I had no job, no motivation, no family. It seemed all I did was walk around as filler in the world, someone to make up the numbers. But that was before I met Steven.

To everyone else, he was just one of the default skins for the civilian npcs that was repeated ad nausem. I even got him mixed up with his brother Stephen, who often walks beside him. But from the moment we met, I knew I could love no other. His walk, the way I could shove him aside with superhuman strength, his refusal to speak. I was soaring, scaling buildings even.

Our time together was magical. We used to walk along the promenade together at night, reminiscing over how we first met along that same walkway. But it was there that I lost him and myself forever.

The way the moonlight settled on his flatly textured jacket and face, I'd never felt closer to him for some reason. I moved nearer and held him tightly to me, enjoying the warmth of his body as I embraced him and he stood unresponsively, blocking my view.

I then remembered I was a quasi-human monstrosity that absorbed DNA.


Shit. I've grown Testicles.

Next time, on View to a Game - Prototype: Combat, Hijacking, Solid Snake, Tentacle Rape, Flying and Parkour. (I decided this would be too long for one piece with my narrow blog making posts seem longer than they actually are). Linky here.

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