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I've decided to throw maybe a semblance of order at this place and see if it sticks again. After my last computer got dropped and I lost the saved games for my Radiatwind story (and haven't been motivated to roleplay the same way twice and wouldn't be able to re-create the random events that happened. Plus I couldn't stand Tamata again) I really haven't had an interesting regular feature or indeed anything interesting at all on this blog. I'll plan to make amends today!

Spy sappin mah woman!*1

What does a wiimote waving Pierce Brosnan have to do with this? Why nothing, he was merely an image designed to go with the pun of the title (incase you weren't clear it was an unsubtle play of words on a Bond movie name).

What's this feature about? Why the 007 motif? What can you expect from this? Well fuck it, it wouldn't be Bondesque unless I was mysterious and spy like about it. So I'm going to entice some 2 dimensional women into getting nubile around me then return to tell you what this is all about and reveal my maniacal evil plan for you to thwart.*2

*1 Failed captions/bad puns for this picture -

"Do you expect me to game Nintendo?"

"No Mr.Bond, we expect you to flail"

Shaken, not waved.

The Sensor is not Enough

Yeah, there were alot of failed ones. Now you know my writing process goes from shit to mediocre.

*2 The real reason I'm not giving it away is that I haven't actually written the feature yet, but I'm trying to update this place as much as possible in the hope someday, somebody might appreciate its amateurishness. The feature may change as I go also, I'm trying to tune it to be interesting and fun but also a bit different and unique to "This is a blog".

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