View to a game... Explained

If anyone was reading during that crazy period last week where I posted an update a day (boy, what was wrong with me) you might've been aware that I expressed a wish to do a regular feature again. However, I didn't explain what it would be apart from a paintshopped James Bond and a pun on one of his movie titles.

Well here's what I came up with. Not quite a normal review, not quite enough to be an original feature. Basically, I'm going to pick a random game and just give an honest tale of what the hell I did in my first impression. Be that I cheated the crap out of the campaign as I got eager to see the story (Hello starcraft) to just bemusment and getting my ass handed to me. So far I've got Starcraft, though not too sure as I just gave that one away and posted about it earlier, as well as the Diablo II complete set and Resident Evil 4. Feel free to suggest something no matter the age, I'll give it a whirl. So it looks like first up when I get around to it will be this gem -

Also, I'll be picking my gf up from the airport this weekend and she'll be here for 3 weeks. So I won't be on the internet so often it can be said, but I'll be around. Also she's been bugging me I never write about her or show a picture, so here she is -

She'll just have to read past the geekiness of the opening of this post to get to me showing her. And to prove this isn't me fabricating my life (as I know some creepy internet chaps that do), I'm going to chuck in another photo where we're *shock shock* together -

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