To Craft a Star you firstly...

Add eggs and sugar, then leave to bake for 500 trillion years. Step two is where it gets tricky...

(ellipses win!)

War - not complete without cigars

Now luckily, the screenshots of this game turned out perfectly viewable, unlike my experience seeing the cutscenes on widescreen vista. They made blood vessels burst within my cortinas through a mere 5 second viewing. So if you're wondering why these screenshots are only from the first few missions it's as my eyes became too bloodshot to continue.

He was only one day from retirement too

Starcraft then, the next definitive step upon the RTS ladder from Command and Conquer. Playing this game I can say was still as enjoyable as when I first had that brief go all those years ago, but it also showed me what I now took for granted in modern RTSes.

This would totally be a sausage fest if they weren't so butch and manly

The first shocking thing to hit me, as I dimly remembered before starting and as PCG mentioned in its preview of SCII was that you can only select 12 units. 12 UNITS?! Boy, have I been spoilt since. I think memory lane tended to pave over all the frustrating times I had throwing hordes at one another, as my army would throw itself fowards 12 men at a time (when the pathfinding worked). On the other side of the spectrum, I suppose it meant focusing more on use of tight units and early grouping. Still, that didn't stop me swearing at the annoyance of my big stompy army been forced to charge in a great stutter.

Blizzard, forseeing our energy and other world crises since 1998

Otherwise, the old game is still a joy to play with the charm offsetting the niggling annoyances that the RTS genre later ironed out. The basics are still there, from Group creation to box dragging and right click everyorders (and attack move thank fuck). The little heads of my units talking to me and moving about on the HUD still make me smile, and it is supremely satisfying to see little Zerg/Tyranids and my own Terrans/Hillbilly Space Marines explode in blood and gore.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don't need no water let those mother zergers burn

Also one weird touch (or engine limitation rather) I like is when taking over and gaining an ally to control, they don't change colour to your side. Strange, but I think it's neat controlling purple and blue marines as opposed to magic costume changes. In my head I made my purple marines the command squad and had the blue marines protect them. I now wish to randomly colour troops on the fly in all RTS games now.

Again though, the cutscenes are the part that haven't aged well and caused me most strain and stress (though if they weren't so eye gouging the quirkiness of them is quite enjoyable). Look at the horror that is 90's CGI -

Well dey just gunne and dun fucked up my face boye

I'll post a full review when I've played more comprehensively, but that won't be for a bit yet. Hopefully this toe-dip into the bathwater first look impression will entertain for now.

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