Halo. Ugh, just saying the name itself conjours up visions of blind brand-following idiots. However, I'm not totally against it, just that the majority of the time I'm afraid it just isn't for me. As most of you might be aware of there's a little series called "Red vs Blue" out there that's quite infamous.

Now, I can safely say that most machinima out there is vis a vis with a pile of garbage, and when it comes to Halo 3, with the introduction of Forge that number is particularly higher. However, there is a little gem I love that is quite witty and well executed called "Matchmaking", by a production company called Darkspire Films. Why do I love it? Why, for this episode mainly -

I reccomend them, if you don't find they're your cup of tea then it's probably because at heart I love been immature occasionally and liking things like this. If you liked that song then you can download it here, and the full two seasons can be found on youtube here.

If you can all take a break out of viewing TF2 hype or whatever busy Summery things you're having to do I hope you enjoy it, and that I don't have bad tastes.

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  1. Nope, you definitely don't have bad taste.

    I *was* hoping, however, that someone would get offed while people were busy singing. And, you know, more tea bagging (it's the only reason to play Halo).