I fail at Zombotany

Now, I "completed" plants vs zombies and it was a fun journey, so decided to dive into the mini games and extra modes where things get really interesting. One mode, called last stand, gives you 5000 sun power and you have to buy your plants at the start (no generating extra really apart from a measly 250 sun to patch up and repair inbetween flags). This provides an interesting twist as I can no longer carefully turtle as is my usually wont, but instead I have to choose tactics from the off. If I make a mistake, well, there's no correcting it in the field by throwing down some last minute cannon fodder or tall-nut. I now bring you personal examples from this mode that didn't work for me, mainly as I'm a bugger for symmetry but also as I'm incompetent -

Here was my first attempt, where I went wildly overbudget so had to skimp on my ultimate plan.

Next came the ice them and burn (as well as butter) them plan -

This one failed as again I blew my budget, so thinking the water would be safer as it wouldn't get as diverse amount of zombies I skimped out there. What I did forget was the unfairness of the game, where it would spawn 4 bucket zombies in rubber dingies right infront of my plants in a water lane. Alas, I couldn't fend them off and had to watch as my brave brave seediers were bitterely munched.

Then during my breakfast I looked down at what I was eating and it struck me. MELONS!-

Except that failed as a jack in the box zombie blew up one tall-nut and a ladder zombie climbed over another in a flukey bit of manuvering.

Am I boring you yet? Ok only one more fail then my success. Next came operation Ice-Queen-Transvestite (as she has some big nuts)-

But that failed too.

Here's me failing. Spot the jack in the box bastard that undid the dreams of plants and men -

The operation that did work was Halfway Sex Change (a pair of melons and nuts) -

The reason why this worked? Why simple, look into the determined eyes of the third from bottom tall-nut. Tall-nuts are stoticly posed anyway, he just doubles the amount of stoticlness. He was why I finally won. He is to whom I owe my final victory.

Well that and upgrading some Melons to ice didn't hurt.

If you haven't got this game yet then I strongly suggest you go out and buy it. Then say goodbye to your schedule.


  1. I'm trying to resist this game SO MUCH as anything Popcap has the uncanny ability to wasted large chunks of several days at a time.

    That said, this game looks really freaking fun.

  2. So many tower defense games out there these days.

    How come they're ALL actually quite good!?

  3. Your first one was almost successful and similar to my winning one - what you were missing was to put four bits of garlic in the outer lanes (2 in the top, 2 in the bottom lane) which saves you enough money to put more spikeweed down in the snd and 5th lanes, with hopefully enough left over for some Cat-Tails in the water...

  4. This is the first time I've actually wanted to go and play a casual game when I'm not actually sat down at my computer it's that fun.

    And @The_B - What I was really missing was the following: Intelligence, foresight, planning, fiscal sense. But I might try your method when I get around to playing again.

  5. Your 1st attempt was the closest to how i won,i just used gatlings,torch wood,tall nuts. Really.