Discs! In Cases! Bought with Paper Money!

I really do set myself too many tasks at once. Currently I'm trying to read Joseph Heller's "Catch 22", write an essay, learn phonology and syntax sentence structuring, handwrite a letter, emailing folk, playing about 2 video games as well as whatever distractions the internet conjours up (read: Alot), not to mention my social life (read: Not alot). So should I focus on these tasks? Hell no! Lets overstretch myself that bit more.

Now as some of you may be aware, Starcraft 2 is around the corner and some people and Koreans are very excited about this. I've never owned the classic blizzard original, though have briefly played it at a friend's house when I was younger. Before it came out though I decided I should probably play it fully, just so I know what's going on. To that end I went out and bought Diablo II and its expansion set.


Going back into the shop I also went and tried the two for £15 offer again and came away with Starcraft and its expansion pack in one box, as well as a random item of Resident Evil 4. Don't ask why, I've been meaning to try it but I just didn't realise it was on pc. Hurrah for console ports.

I'm not made of money by the way, in reality I found a gift card of £30 for GAME. Four games (three or five really, depending on whether you count expansion packs as a seperate game) seemed better than one, so don't fault me for not going modern.

I'm never going to fit these into my schedule. Also did I mention I'm crap at RTS?

Forgot to mention this, but I could hardly believe it when I bought Diablo II and its expansion set when the GAME employee asked me "Have you checked if your system meets the minimum requirements?"

To think, I nearly bought a game I couldn't run! I really should've updated to keep up with those Windows 95/98 requirements. Not to mention 80mb of space needed! And 16Mb RAM?! Fuck me. I had as much hope as running that as if it were 160000Mb required.

Thank god for well trained employees helping me not make foolish purchases.

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