Once again, a short hiatus.

Only a few days worth this time. In my wake I'm going to leave with some random internet treats that I've amused myself with the past week which may or may not be up your alleyway.

1) Let's Play, something which I found having recently played Resident Evil 5. This person does a remarkably humorous exploration through the previous games, which enlightened me to the batshit insane story and logic Capcom have in this series. Also, another not on LP but I found a while back on some RPS comments from that delightfully plagiarised game Limbo of the Lost comes this humorous gem.

2) Charlie Brooker's Newswipe, which should probably be on youtube alongside his Screenwipe series on this person's channel. Highly amusing and informative, it's a damning and revealing indictment of the media culture we live in. Also news-wise, as my gf is American and loves this guy I end up watching the Colbert Report. If you're in the uk like me and can't watch it there's a handy programme called Ultrasurf, which is a must if you want to watch transcontinental exclusives.

3) If you've never heard of interactive story telling don't be alarmed, neither had I outside of the one on Explosm's forums. However this little one is most assuredly a beauty, and shows sometimes internet forums do do (damn you English language) good things.

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