Explaining National Debt and the Economic Downturn.

You know that promise I made of good writing soon last post? Yeah, this isn't going to be the turning point.

I had a writing itch, casting around for a random topic I thought I'd try to sum up the economy. Then I realised there was nothing new to be said that more intelligent people hadn't done better and more eloquently. Rather than be challenged and intimidated by my own fear of failure to write a thought-provoking piece, I instead drew pictures in msn paint. I hope with these I can teach the (British) economy briefly to an 8 year old, answering why they'll be working their asses off for little to no return. Those loveable little rascals.




Now then class, your homework today is to explain a world problem in msn paint drawings. Also to venture forth your opinion on when I'll actually put myself out in the open and attempt to make a brave, smart and witty writing piece. You have until Monday, go!

*EDIT* A lovely highlight from John, which made me chuckle -

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  1. Ok, Ed, how's this one work for you? Below is a explanation (admittedly extremely oversimplified) of the US Housing crisis: