*Cleaning off the dust*

Phew! I'm back, sad to leave despite having a love/hate relationship with America sometimes. I hope to get posts more frequently churned out now, especially with this shiny new machine with the hateful vista. It makes things easy yes, but I miss tinkering. So what game did I play when I first got back? Why Battlefield 2142 of course, many years late. I finally decided to do this as I've had the game in a unopened box for 2 years now, as I never really wanted to play it but I got back yesterday and saw it guiltily still there.

What did I think? Tedious and empty, but with the unlock system it was strangely compelling. If there's one thing that can make you feel rank amateurish its jumping into a game after the inital wave of new players have become veterans. People had all the tools they wished at their disposal whereas I lacked even the basics for each class. I'm not a bad player at fps and was holding my own on the scoreboard, but I was getting gutted by servers full of fancy equipment. Ontop of this despite my skill in killing with peashooters I was getting angrily typed at by people who were irate that I didn't revive them. You know why I didn't? As I couldn't.

Developers, if you're going to do a cool unlock system to compel people to play, please don't hold off core tools to classes. A similar example would be if valve released tf2 but witheld the pyro's flamer, the medic's medigun, the heavy's minigun et cetera, discouraging team playing by taking away the weaponry to do so. Or Counter-Strike with a new person starting out with a pistol against Magnum Sniper Rifles. Perhaps it's not as extreme as those but still, an irritating mechanic nonetheless.

On a leaving note for this post, I'd like people to suggest a game for me to buy and actually do a proper review. So far all I've done is play random games and nitpicked features about them, as I'm nowhere interesting enough to warrant people reading my opinion in a fully fledged review but I'd like to try it once. If not I'm going to play Wanted whilst critiquing it through the lense of quantum mechanics.


  1. Maybe it'll help if you get someone to put on a Jonah Jameson costume with a moustache and cigar, and say stuff like:

    "Review this Horrible Korean RPG, in 500 words, by Friday, with two screenshots! Move it, Parker!"


  2. Perhaps, and there was that incident when I got bitten by a spider and then shot white stuff all around my room. My parents later told me those two things were unrelated though.

    Do you have a suggestion for a Korean RPG? I've stayed far far far clear of that field in the past. Just the amount of numbers thrown at me makes me cross eyed.