Betraying myself with a new pc

I can't face the guilt. I have to get it out. I actually like my new pc, but I feel guilty and annoyed over the lack of charm it has over my old one. My old one I had to run at a 30 degree angle as one of the heatsink clasps was broken and if stood upright would lean away from the chip and cause overheating and shut down. It ran only what it felt like despite plentiful graphics and ram elegantly shoved in there. I had it in a pc case from 6 years ago as the 2 year old case it was in was too small to fit all the wires in place with the side on. I had to caress and probe it in certain ways to get it to work like a normal pc, and though it was a bodge job damnit I felt proud. Now I have this -

And by heck though it runs crysis and works like a charm I can't help but long for my faulty bastard of yore. And Windows XP compatiblity. To give you an idea of how I am when it comes to technology I prefer imperfect but fun to sleek and polished. For example, here's the car I drive -

I had £1500 of my own money for my first car. I could've gotten a nice safe fiesta or a dull corsa (like the friend who's parked in the background) or a hatchback of some type. No, I went with the crappy old British Triumph Spitfire. I'm lucky to make a journey there and back in this thing, and swear often trying to fix it. Would I have these problems with a faster safer more reliable car? Nope, but I wouldn't trade it in for the world, as I love it for its faults. And that's why this pc has me feeling dirty. And why this post is pretty much wanton rambling that is entirely disinteresting to read, but if you read this far then commiserations you bored soul you. I'll write something good soon I swear.

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  1. I'm getting a new monitor, it might even arrive today. It's all thin and widescreen and much larger than the yellowing CRT I'm writing this on.

    I'm feeling a lot of the same guilt, actually. This monitor has a little red stamp we made that says "Jazmeister M1Garand Iron Egg", from my early CoD days. Every time I look at it, I remember how fun it was to creep very slowly around a huge map and win after 5 kills.

    Of course, i'm setting up my old XP tower with this monitor when I get the new one, so that my wife can play TF2 at a decent framerate. Good things will come of this.