Nukeworld Series - The Glow Fantastic, part three

Thank God that the bomb will either make these people sterile through genital radiation, or blow up and disintegrate them. It does the future of the human race some good with such willing participants for natural selection. Why is it though that it seems all places want to kill Radiat, whether violent and sudden or benignly like this? Did I put negative points into luck by accident? It's become obvious however that Radiat shouldn't really hang around, but before he hot foots it to the open road again he needs some supplies. Some mad woman with the almost porn star name of Moria Brown offers to help.

Seriously Bethesda, is it so hard to model a woman's face to be at least plausibly humanoid? Anyway it's a good job she's mad as she has no qualms about accepting clothes with bullet holes and blood in them (from folks killed by other people; Radiat was merely a happy inventory vulture). Whilst stocking up on edilbe healing needles and unsoiled pants, she asks us to check out the supermarket nearby. There's a supermarket nearby? Why the hell do you nutjobs live around a giant bomb then?! Come on lady, look at what it's done to the rendering of your face already. Gah. Looks wise she seems in Radiat's league though, and thinking chicks dig guns it's time for Radiat to work his magic (that doesn't involve telekinesis). This gives me a plausible reason for why I posed Radiat with a gun. Again.

Long story short - laid. The long story - he doesn't get laid. (If you wonder why you see Radiat's skin through his collar there, that's just because my machine is crappy. Incase picture quality hadn't given that away already)


  1. It is weird that people just decided to haul airplanes around and build a giant pile of crap from nothing, huh? Craters don't really give that much protection from the elements...

  2. Yeah, I can't really see what benefits they got from that decision. Especially considering the more viable possible locales nearby (though next to a fucking A-bomb anywhere is open for inhabiting by these people).

    Thinking long and hard the only moon logic I can conclude taking place here is that they wanted to attract tourists. Hence the guy selling the camera and gun (whom I shall call Geiglar to keep with the whole bad radiation pun/pratchett character name theme). Wow, I can actually justify throw away ideas as part of a larger narrative!

  3. Dude they were able to use the metal to make a city the crater would keep them out of the rain and allow them to use up less metal. The only fault I see is the huge bomb in the middle.