Nukeworld Series - The Glow Fantastic, part two

So feeling cool, with the gleeful concealment of firearms and the ethos of "who needs pecks when I've got tec" Radiat strolls into town like a funky sex machine. This evaporates within almost oohhhh two seconds when the Sheriff comes up and confronts him. Shit! Does he know about the gun? Or guns rather? Or the guns, baseball bat, bb gun, Culterly and the clothes as well as glasses of the dead person I stripped naked and am now wearing myself? Just play it cool Radiat, be polite and calm and he wont suspect a thing. Mwha ha ha?

Nice town you got here, sheriff. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Smooth smooth, nicely done. Now just keep this up and you're as free as a bird. Free birds can still get shot by a hunter and mauled by their dog though. Crap this guy is getting into my head! Quick act macho so he doesn't think you're scared.

You don't scare me. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Not so tough now are you?!!!!!!!

Yeah I showed him, that nervous laughter and wet pffft in Radiat's pants? It was actually cool mother fucker laughter and the wet pfft was...erm...Radiat laying shit down, freestyle. On a literal level.

You got something you want to prove, boy?

Crap crap crap! Why did no-one give Radiat a class on mind games? We take a wild swing at moving a rook to bishop eight and trying to show we were in on the game the entire time.

Ha! I'm just messing with you.

See, we were just two people having a joke now yeah? No need for anyone to unsling their rifle now yeah?! We're all nice and friendly and lawabiding and friendly around here yeah?!?!?

After ignoring Radiat's behaviour we are informed where we can get some grub and a healthy drink of unstable isotopes down by the unexploded nuclear weapon.

Ahhhh, they're some gooooooooddd isotopes, I could just dri...WAIT, WHAT?! AN UNEXPLODED NUCLEAR BOMB?!

Part three


  1. Lol! It's been years since I examined the reality that you spend your time in Bethesda games stripping corpses until they're naked and selling the still-warm clothes. It hit me in Morrowind (lol wtf naked ded gai) and I just accepted it. At least in F3 you leave the underpants.

    You know the "World Series", right?

  2. I know! And then I get annoyed when I can't strip all the people and beasties I kill naked. I really wanted to wear some super mutant armor in this game.

    Do you mean the world series baseball? Or something else?