Nukeworld Series - The Glow Fantastic, part one

B-b-b-b-blinded by the light. A canny song reference, what wit! Well this can only go downhill so lets start. Radiat stumbles out of the door into the sunlight, flumoxed as of where to go to next. Apparently being flumoxed gains you experience in this game though as it flashes on screen that Radiat is now level 2! It's nice to see pacifism with the whole not killing lark rewarded in such a way. Seeming as this game likes such liberal thinking so far it seems suiting to Radiatwind to try and gain another level for musing on the meaning of life whilst staring forlonly into the distance.

Unfortunatley self-reflection isn't a recognised achievement in fallout 3. 12 hours of standing there proved this and tired Radiat's kneecaps out. So with no luck on that front it was time to go find somewhere that had people who'd stop trying to kill him long enough to feed him first. A town called Mega 1,016.0469088 kilograms is nearby, and though not appealing seems a better bet than arthritic kneecaps and starvation. Finding it Radiat decided to buy/was scammed into buying a camera and a gun from some chap outside the entrance to take some badass photos of himself. You know, in order to show off to any future ladies he may meet over an evening of wine and mash potatoes.

It's a shame he can't help but appear as though he's close to tears everytime he poses with a gun.

Part Two

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