I'll be on hiatus!

I'm going away folks for a little bit, so I won't be able to really post anything games realted unless it's indie. Want to know the reason for the dirge of posts? Well moving my pc from uni to home my brother dropped it, and the heat sink snapped off and clanged about rather violently down my motherboard. So today I finally bought a brand new shiny pc! I was too lazy to apply bandages and plasters to my aging wreck, which is sad, but I am enjoying the freshness. It's just a shame Windows Vista is so annoying to use. The computer is now called Adair, something I'll stencil on when I get back home.

I'll try to do another gaming article from memory and pilfered screenshots this time. Hugs and kisses to you reader! But there's a high probability you're male, so in that case just a handshake and pat on the back hug. Toodle pip!

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