Nukeworld Series

Hey there! If there was anyone who enjoyed my strange foray into copying Pratchett names with none of the style in a Fallout 3 playthrough, then I'll be putting up the second part shortly - Entitled punnily enough "The Glow Fantastic".

Unfortunatley, (though I screenshot captured everything I need for this piece and thought to put the screenshots on a pen drive) I suffered a hard drive failure and so lost Fallout 3 and all my saved games. The future is uncertain then for Radiatwind; I'll put the next piece up and then decide if I can be bothered to reinstall and replay in the same manner.

If you enjoy my humor though keep on coming back, as someday I may well improve! Or not. Give it 5/9 odds. Wait, is that good, bad, or average odds? Damnit, all those years of not gambling are coming back to haunt me. I could do a serious post on gambling if I felt like it, but as it is it's a nice segway for putting a image in to spice this post up.

You need to ring this number if you keep hoping I post something worthwhile one of these days.

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  1. I am a reader of this blog.
    I'm commenting to make you feel lees alone :D