Nukeworld Series - The colour of Radiation, part six

When we next wake it's to Tamata telling us to, well, wake up.

How weird. I was just dreaming about you...and potatoes.

She declines our offer of Mash to tell us the softly-voiced man has hot-footed it out of the vault. Well that's none of my buisness, I'm staying here where things are safe, dull and samey. Unfortunatley she tells us that this means people want to come and stick a bullet inbetween our third and fourth rib.

Life just doesn't get any easier does it buddy? Despite his attempts at modesty Radiat is given a gun. Sensing trouble ahead, he doesn't need telling twice and starts to promptly leg it.


Somehow we make it through the fire and bullets, leaving all behind in our panicky wake. In a brief respite, using our 6 points of intelligence we think a disguise might be in order to help us slip out. Donning a handy Labcoat and glasses from a donor-card holder we begin sneaking out incognito.

Nothing to see there, just three people having a friendly debate. I think I'll leave them to it. Radiat makes it to the vault door and even manages to open it, when that fool Tomata comes along and leads the people with weapons right to Radiatwind! Women ehy?

Naturally, we start to peg it -

I see daylight! Terrifying sweet daylight and freedom! Hopefully it'll postpone the people attacking us with weapons. Nearly there...

Onto the next chapter, The Glow Fantastic

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