Nukeworld Series - The colour of Radiation, part five

After the mental scarring we recieved when we were 10 it's time to flash foward 6 years, where we take our G.O.A.T. or something. It's passing my B.A.A-levels I worry about more, but that bad exam pun will have to wait. Radiat then sits down at a desk and gets his holopen ready for the first question (I'm really going to need to find a way to show text ingame better, damn narrow blog columns) -

Question One: You are approached by a frenzied vault scientist, who yells "I'm going to put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber!". What's your response?
Leave a radiatwind shaped hole in the air.

Question 2: While working as an intern in the clinic, a patient with a strange infection in his foot stumbles through the door. The infection is spreading at an alarming rate, but the doctor has stepped out for a while. What do you (do - ed)?
Screaming is to the best of my ablilites here.

The next few questions are rather humdrum till it gets to question 5 -

Question five: Your grandmother invites you to tea, but you're surprised when she gives you a pistol, and orders you to kill another vault resident. What do you do?
My grandmother makes an indecent offer to me? Wait, that sounds suspicously like...oh god no, the old lady, I thought I'd forgotten! Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit...

I end up convulsing and passing out during the exam, blanking only three years of my memory this time at least.

Part six

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