I'll be as formal as I damn well like

Here's one of my bugbears (Ohh what a cute word. *Ahem* *Reasserts manliness*). "Formal" essay writing guidelines for things like work submitted to university or professional articles.

Now, when you read the opening word you did understand "here's" meant "here is" yes? Good. That's all I ask to be able to do, it makes my writing more fluid as I type naturally rather than having to mentally think to type "that is", and for me makes it easier to read.

So if people understand what the fuck I mean and it doesn't make me look like an idiot what's wrong with it?

Again, I used "doesn't" just there. Typing "does not" just seems excessive and anal upon anality. I'm not falling into colloquialisms as I write, and neither am I butchering words making you the reader assume I'm an idiot if i ws to strt typin lk dis 2 u.

In that way I can see where formal writing and casual writing need to be different as formal writing gives pretends of intelligence whereas casual writing can make it hard to interpret what the author is thinking.

Knowing this doesn't stop me being annoyed at how I am marked down for using such abbreviations as "it's" and co. Does it make me look like an idiot as I type? No, so it doesn't detract from the mentality of the reader towards me. Can I still get my point across just as bloody well? YES YOU FUCKERS.

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