Nukeworld Series - The colour of Radiation, part three

So now we've discovered the only spell we can remember, it's time to pick suitable attributes. I have no idea how I'm going to play this character, though I tried to reflect what I best feel is his personality in attributes. Any alternative suggestions let me know and I'll alter accordingly -

Strength was a no-no. Perception to spot people/mutants screaming "YARGHHHH" and attempting to cleave my head off, Endurance to allow me to sprint short distances away from people cleaving my head off and low charisma as people want to cleave my head off for some reason. A little bit of intelligence and alot of Agilty and Luck and that finishes us off here.

A Birthday! Yayh! Oh cool there's a black kid at my party. I'm curious to know how with no direct sunlight and a limited populance to get funky with one another (in the bedroom) how everyone isn't pasty, white and unable to jump. Look at America, there's white people there that have some black ancestry after only 200 years. Ah well, no worries.

Part four

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