Nukeworld Series - The colour of Radiation, part four

So Radiat is forced to chit chat amongst the birthday patrons, where he proceeds to be hit upon by a rather randy old lady who can't but help recount her past exploits (sorry for the small text) -

"Are you having a nice party? Ten years old, my my my. Seems like only yesterday that your daddy came...". Is she trying to suggest she's my real mother?

"I was 10 once, believe it or not! My goodness, the vault was practically crowded back then". Ew, I really dont need to know how crowded your vault was. And at 10 as well?!

I think the expression on my face there sums up my response to this lecherous old lady's pickup lines. She tries to offer me candy but I've been well informed on those matters. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you lady. I wont let it happen thrice. I seek consolement in the adults around me.

"Oh, hey, don't worry about it. You might be surprised how much fun you can have if you give it a chance, though". Yeah, some good that advice served me. I was surprised by how so not fun it was with the old lady that I mentally blocked the next 6 or so years of my life.

Part five

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