Nukeworld Series - The colour of Radiation, part one

Everyone seems to be doing themed roleplay-in-a-game on their blogs these days and who am I to ignore a bandwagon. So I booted up fallout 3 and decided to make a character whose adventures I'd chronicle for the time being -

Wait, that name might be taken elsewhere methinks

There we go, nicely themed. Radiatwind.

Radiat had a traumatic birth (there were blood flecks across his vision he distinctly remembers. He was disturbed greatly by this). His mother died and his dad had already fled the scene of the crime within 24 hours of him popping out of the womb. He ended up being adopted by the softly voiced man who birthed him. It was not going to be an easy life, especially as a penchant for magic told him that for roleplaying a wizzard he was in the wrong game. "Oblivion" and "Morrowind" his dreams would call to him sometimes.

Part Two

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