Taking names but ass is safe from kicking

Hey whoever's reading, my name in full is Edward George Terry Fenning. A bit of a mouthful, yes, but it's not how I normally introduce myself. Just call me Ed. Or a profanity/nickname of your choice.

To justify this blog the reasoning was I just felt like irreverantly writing, so someday when I'm older I can look back on all I've done here and think "God I'm a twat". I'll be writing a bit about games, a bit about me, a tidbit of philosphy but overall I'd like to make it accesible and amusing to those other than me who read it. My mum would read and support it but she's a bit crap at computers, bless.

So that's my brief intro, time will tell if I stick it out so if you like what I do let me know and I'll carry on at it.

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