Back a bit saner

If you actually read this far back it's safe to ignore the post below, I've read it and realise I was rather tired at the time of writing. The crazy balls were bouncing around the inside of my cranium at that time and my way of expressing myself descended into gibberish. Like most of what I write.

Just recorded my voice today. Might be a bit to do with the cheap mic but urgh it sounds horrible. Unless you can make ladies croon with the tone of your voice never record yourself and listen to it, let that be a lesson. Also dont take pics of yourself if you look like this -

Grainy pictures are fun to try and find what I look like from

Anyway, recently I've been a tad bored as blog sites and other things dry up at xmas time as everyone kicks back (not like a donkey, apparently it's meant to mean people relaxing). In wake of this I've been doing the rounds on youtube and reading crap till I was bored senseless. I then had to fight the urge of just pissing my money away on random things (damn you internet shopping).

Apologies for not being funny. Trying doesn't equal achievement, only improvement and that's only when you have a bastion of natural talent already. I do not, however I might achieve lukewarm humour someday!

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