How do you find Gaming Daily?

This isn't one of those cringe inducing surveys where website authors ask you to fill out forms so they can see how effective their advertising is (partly because we have none). Instead it's a list of the Top 50 all-time most used search terms that people have used to find Gaming Daily.

Quite a few are people poorly misled by the worst thing I've ever written, which was a crappy list of Top 5 songs from games. Apparently there's a few thousand folk willing to scrawl through google results to find gaming songs enough to click the link onto our site. Go figure, crazy bastards.

Most of these results really are pretty dull and only interesting/amusing to us, but I put them here as maybe you'll like a peek. I have no idea though why at number 21 numerous people are searching for in broken English "pc game decide good evil".

fallout 3
warren clyde
gaming daily
flotilla review
black mirror 2 review
rcp 90
far cry 2 warren clyde
mardi gras
the mirror lied
miami shark
far cry 2 nasreen
canabalt prototype
gaming songs
dirtbike games
professor layton
tf2 hats
pc game decide good evil
games for windows live
far cry 2 warren
adam atomic
fallout 3 secrets
warren clyde far cry 2
team fortress 2 sniper
hitman blood money
games for windows live doesn't work
fyi i am a spy
dirt bike games
fallout 3 imagesize:1680x1050
good gaming songs
black mirror 2
just cause 2
gaming blog
machinarium interview
borderlands sledge
fallout 3 landscape
yeah toast
dirtbike game
ubisoft drm
far cry 2 warren clyde dead


First things first, I didn't quite give up on One A Day blogging. I just couldn't be bothered to put the effort in to get blogger working like a good wordpress account. I had a few posts stacked up, but the auto-update thing I installed didn't work. Then I've found that this blog posts things in the order they were drafted, as opposed to published. So I'd start write something long on a monday write and post something short on a tuesday then finish and post Monday's work on Wednesday, except then it appeared behind the tuesday post. Weird.

So, I've just come to bother you with a post that I've got a formspring set up here -

I'm not popular, not well-known and not a leader in any particular field. Ask me questions anyway!